About Our Company

Paige Mead Recruiting is a niche recruiting firm specializing in Executive Search and Commercial Operations Recruiting for the dental industry. Our professional team provides a different recruiting experience that is unique and unrivaled in the dental industry. We only engage in relationships that stimulate significant growth opportunities for our Clients, Candidates and Associates.

Paige Mead

CEO & Executive Recruiter

I build industry relationships face-to-face and handshake-to-handshake. With over 25 years in recruiting, the last 15 years in dental, I know my network of clients and candidates intimately. The dental industry has rich history and character, and a very exciting future! I want to see it healthy and whole, growing and innovating! My role in that future is to draw in and hold onto the sales professionals who make our industry companies strong.

I recruit candidates and company clients very strategically, focused on transparency in the hiring process, and aligning goals so that both my clients and candidates get where they want to go. Come together aligned, and everyone pulls in the same direction. I won’t connect a candidate with a client unless there is a solid potential match between the candidate’s personal experience and goals, and the client’s strategic goals. I only work with candidates and clients who value truth and accountability highly. Bravery required!

Our time is precious. It will be well-planned, and productive. I over-communicate. As an ambassador to the dental industry I serve candidates and clients with an unparalleled level of personal interaction. By understanding the client’s business and the candidate’s story, I am able to connect them with precision. I’m committed to my candidates’ and clients’ successful futures.