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So you‘ve had a successful career so far. What’s next?

You‘ve reached a stage where you don’t have to work as income as your primary driver anymore.

You want to use your talent, experience & capabilities for a mission that you feel completely inspired by.

You feel you lack the information & perspective to navigate your next career step.

Paige has the knowledge of the industry that surpasses the average individual out there.

David Porritt, Dental Executive

Critically evaluate the opportunities you attract


Align your search direction with your mission

Do the type of opportunities you’re pursuing real align with your values?


Spot misalignments & red flags in opportunities you attract, early on

Is this position you’ve attracted going to actually get you to the finish-line you envision for yourself?


Be aware of the market trends & standards to accept, reject or negotiate offers with confidence

Is the offer and its terms a good one?

Paige brings a depth and breadth of industry knowledge and perspective to her work that is invaluable in helping executives optimize their career opportunities.

David Porritt, Dental Executive

With Paige you can relax in the knowledge that …

Every connection she makes is handpicked and goes through a significant vetting process

Her programs are incredibly intimate where each of her clients gets 100% of her attention

The limited number of clients she is associated with gets industry recognition & respect

Navigate the dental industry

with clarity, authenticity & confidence